HerStyler Hydrating Hair Mask: $8.99 + Eligible for Free Shipping, Regularly $70.00!

Right now on Amazon, you can get HerStyler Hair Mask for only $8.99 including shipping. According to Amazon, this regularly sells for $70.00. BUT, I went to HerStyler's website, and found this product is selling there for $75.00! Many HerStyler products, including this one, has great reviews.

Product Description (from HerStyler's site):
This nourishing mineral-rich hair mask has been formulated from the beneficial ingredients of the Dead Sea. It can be used on freshly shampooed hair to lock in moisture and promote incredible softness and enviable shine. Herstyler's mask should be left on your wet hair for several minutes while the minerals penetrate the hair cuticle and provide a nourishing drink for your hair. After rinsing, your hair will feel healthier, softer, and will be less flyaway after styling. You may also use a small amount to tame frizzy ends and strands after styling your hair.

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Lisa said...

I only saw four reviews. I think some of them were for the shampoo. I'm wondering if anyone here has tried it? It looks like a good deal. :-)

Kristen said...

Yep, that product only has 4 reviews, but if you scroll down the page a bit, you'll see a bunch of other HerStyler products. Most of them have really good reviews, so I'd imagine this is a good product as well :)