Don’t Go Broke Creating a Nursery!

Don’t Go Broke Creating a Nursery

It’s a proud day for the new mom and dad when the new baby arrives home from the hospital. Every parent, especially mothers, wants the baby to be welcomed into the finest nursery in the world. It’s often a cruel blow to the parents when they begin to plan the nursery’s design and find out just how expensive a well appointed nursery can be. What usually escapes the notice of new parents is the fact that the baby wants little more than comfort, safety, food, and affection. The design of the nursery is unimportant to him or her. It’s the parents that want to show that they’ve given their baby the best. Fortunately, a well designed, well appointed nursery needn’t cost an arm and a leg, if you are an improvisational designer and a prudent shopper.

Selecting a Nursery Theme

You needn’t be an interior designer to find a nursery theme that you like and can affordably provide. The Internet is full of ideas. Wandering through baby specialty stores or the children’s department of the major department stores can provide you with abundant ideas. Improvisation is the key. Find out what you like, and figure out how to get a similar look using your own creativity.

Saving on the Major Expense – Crib, Mattress, and Bedding

  • The main focus point of any nursery is the crib. This is both the home and safe haven for the baby, as well as the parent’s showcase for the newborn. Money can be saved by buying a used crib, but it is not advised because of the inherent risks of outdated safety features, dangerous wood finishes, and fatigued hardware. New government approved cribs are available in a range of prices from affordable to outrageous. The most important consideration is that the crib be durable, secure, and safe. If you buy a new crib that meets all of the latest government specifications, you are guaranteed that your baby’s crib will be a safe place.
  • If the crib comes with a mattress (they usually do) make sure that it is sized to fit the crib perfectly. You don’t want any space between the edges of the mattress and the crib. The baby can fall into any such space and smother. If the crib does not come with a mattress, buy a new one. It’s tempting to save money on a used mattress, but you can never really be sure of its condition, illnesses of the previous occupant, and cleanliness of the inner mattress components.
  • The last accessory needed for the crib is a fitted sheet. Many parents are lured into buying crib sets. They look nice in the package, but they usually include a crib bumper and a comforter, neither of which is necessary. Buy several fitted sheets. They are generally less expensive that the sheets included in sets, and are easily matched when replacements are needed. Make sure that the sheets fit snugly on the mattress corners, using elastic corner ties, with clips, to endure that the sheets never become loose.
Added decorative accessories such as crib skirts can be purchased used or made at home at considerable savings. They do not come into direct contact with the baby, and offer no safety hazard. Of course, every baby’s crib needs a securely mounted mobile for entertainment. Mobiles are always available at little cost at consignment stores and thrift shops.

Saving on Other Furniture and Accessories

Once the crib is prepared, the baby has a secure safe place to stay. The rest of the nursery furniture is really for the convenience of the parents when caring for the baby. Some parents spend a great deal on suites of nursery furniture, but it is not necessary. Bureaus, bookcases, waste baskets, hampers, pictures, and other such items can be those normally used in any room of the house. A little paint and some decals will adapt them to the nursery very well and at little cost. A necessity in all nurseries is a place to change the baby. There are kits available that will let you convert a bureau top or a small table into a changing table with safety straps to prevent the baby from rolling. Some clever parents have converted unsafe heirloom cribs into safe and secure changing tables. Simple bookcases with wicker or plastic baskets make inexpensive and convenient storage for diapers, lotions, powders, and wash cloths.

Inexpensive Room Modifications

The theme or feel of the nursery is usually defined by the walls and window treatments. Paint and wallpaper will provide most of the nursery look, and are easy to apply and cost little. Murals are a nice touch, if you’re talented, but for those less artistic there are stencils and transfers that can be purchased a low cost and can make a significant different to a nursery’s atmosphere with little effort.

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