Clear2o Water Filtration Pitcher: $9.94 w/ Free Shipping, Regularly $23.99!

You can get a Clear2o Water Filtration Pitcher for only $9.94 with free shipping on Amazon right now. This regularly costs $23.99! The filters are also at a great price, only $9.34 for a 3-pack. These regularly cost $21.99.

Product Description:
Clear2O Water Pitcher filters to reduce up to 53 contaminants, its block carbon filter cleans 50-gallon (that's 88+ refills.), the equivalent of 378 disposable half-liter water bottles.

Key Features:
  • 72-Ounce pitcher filters and fills in 34-second
  • 1 Block carbon filter cleans 50-gallon that's over 88 pitchers
  • Filter flow meter indicator lets you know when your filter needs changing
  • Adapts easily to a number of faucets with the simple faucet connector
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