The Daily Grommet: A New Unique & One-of-a-Kind Product Featured Everyday! (Really neat site!)

So, I stumbled upon the Daily Grommet site today, and was intrigued by the bold statement on their homepage: "Discover one amazing new product you've never heard of every 24 hours!" I had to see what they were offering, so I entered my email to check it out. That was an hour ago and I still haven't browsed their entire selection of items!

There are some really neat products on this site, and it's true, I haven't heard of a lot of items on there! For example, the PostGarden. Hmm, what on Earth? Well, it's a postcard that turns into a living garden! Sounds cool, right?

There's hundreds of other interesting products. There's weird, fun and very practical items that I can't believe I hadn't heard of until now, like the lampshade leveler.

Another thing I should add is that every product has a video that shows it in action and has a story explaining why it was created and by who. This is a very detailed site, so you're sure to know exactly what to expect with your purchase. I highly recommend checking this site out!

Click here to see for yourself!

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