Wholesale 101 Review: I Got $119.50 Worth Of Stuff For $22.00!!

A few weeks ago I did a write-up about the new site Wholesale 101. They carry name brand clothing, accessories and much more at HUGE discounts. Well, I ordered from them and am excited to tell you all about my experience!

I placed my order on August 27th and got my package today, August 30th...that's just 3 days for processing and shipping! I've never ordered from a site like this, I was always nervous about ordering from "new" sites and especially since the prices are so cheap...surely something must be fishy! But not with Wholesale 101...I got EXACTLY what I ordered and what the items were claimed to be! Here's what I got:

100-piece Hair Accessories Kit: Retails for $4.99, I got it for $2.00! I got this for my daughter's return to school, and there's definitely enough in this kit that it should last her all year! It came with hair ties, clips, and barrettes in all different sizes.

Fleece Robe: Retails for $25.00, I got it for $8.00! Out of the 3 things I bought, this surprised me the most with its quality. The description says that it's super soft, but I know that isn't always the case with robes. Let me tell you...it is in this case! And not only was it soft, it was super plushy, if that's a word lol. It is very thick and I know it will keep me warm this winter. The one-size it comes in fit me very well. I despise winter, but I actually can't wait for it to get cold enough to wear this.

The $89.50 price tag on my $12 cardigan!
Espirit Long Cardigan: Retails for $29.50, I got it for $12.00! Now, the price listed on the site says it retails for $29.50, but I got it with the Espirit price tag still on it, and it is priced at a whopping $89.50!! So I think they should update their price! This is by far my favorite item. It fits me perfectly and is exactly what is pictured on the site.

Total retail value: $119.50. Total spent: $22.00!

In conclusion, I am VERY satisfied with Wholesale 101! Super fast shipping, amazing prices, awesome product quality....I will definitely be ordering from them again!

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