Earn Rewards & Sweepstakes Entries for Scanning Your Groceries!

NCP, or the National Consumer Panel, will reward you with name-brand electronics, jewelry, toys, and lots more just for scanning the barcodes found on everything you buy! It's completely free to join too!

From the site:
Earn valuable points, which are redeemable for electronics, household items, jewelry, toy, gift cards, and more. If they are accepting panelists in your area, you'll receive a price gun that you scan your groceries and coupons to earn points. This is a fun activity for kids to do while you're putting groceries away and the longer you're a panelist, the better the prizes get.

They will send you a free handheld scanner with you will use to scan the barcodes on anything you buy. This information will be held on the device. Then once a week, you send NCP the data on the scanner. Kids LOVE scanning items, so you might not even have to do that! Sounds easy, right?

In return, you will get points which you can redeem for gift cards, household items, and more. In addition to the points, you will also be entered into one of the many sweepstakes NCP has running.

NCP is is run by Nielsen, a trusted and reputable name in consumer research. So you have no reason to think this is some sort of scam. It is legit as I have spoken to quite a few people who are members, and they love it.

Click here to see if they're accepting new members in your area!


Anonymous said...

Only thing it keeps saying is not accepting new mebers in your area....How can I do this very interested

Kristen said...

@Anon, NCP is limited to certain zip codes, however, they frequently "open up" to new areas. It took me about 6 months of entering my info before I finally got a "Congrats, you're eligible" screen! The only thing I can say is to try again in a few weeks. HTHs!