theMDEV: Quality Apps For The iPhone/Pad/Pod

I am proud to introduce you all to an indie app developer named Luckasz Matablewski. He specializes in apps made for the iOS, (iPhone Operating System). If you own an iPhone, Pad, or Pod, then he has probably made something that will interest you!

First off, the website is very user friendly, making the browsing experience an enjoyable one. You will find 5 app categories: Games, Entertainment, Photography, Education, and Reference. You can narrow your search down even more by specifying just iPhone apps, or multi-platform ones.

Photee: Pirate Edition
Now onto the fun stuff, the apps! You can find a number of apps here, from kid friendly, educational, even downright silly. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • World of Lullabies: Perfect for moms with babies. It's a music app that will lull your baby to sleep. It also comes with lullaby lyrics, so you can sing along with it.
  • Kiddy Simon HD: The kid's version of Simon Says! It's a memory game filled with colorful graphics, cool music, and sounds effects.
  • Photee: A fun makeover app. You can even save your edited photos to use them as contact images for callers. There 5 different editions to choose from.
  • Indie App Pack: This pack comes with 4 different apps. 2 games, HD wallpapers, and a sound box. To make it even better, you can download it for FREE!

World of Alphabet
The apps are very affordable, most ranging from free to $1.99. Just a few are $2.99. Whatever the price, you're sure to get your money's worth! As I mentioned earlier, the creator of these wonderful apps is an independent developer. But by looking at the quality of his work and the apps' capabilities, you wouldn't be able to tell!

Head on over to Lucasz's website, and show him your support by downloading an app or two. If you do, I would love to hear your thoughts below!

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